lone bones

Choreography by Megan Ess

Performed by Vivien Ho, Anna Moretti, and Warren Woo

Videography by Warren Woo

Choreography by Megan Ess Presented at On the Boards Open Studio Dancers: Vivien Ho, Anna Moretti, Warren Woo


Choreography by Megan Ess

Performed by Ava Bresko, Lindsey China, Mia Farr, Celeste Jamin, Audrey Kraft, Erin Sweeney, and Haley Tabor

Videography by Joy Campbell


Created for Dance Film at Bates Dance Festival 2016

Concept by Megan Ess

Choreography by Megan Ess in collaboration with dancers

Performed by Vivien Ferguson, Abigail Hewitt, and Jada Willis


the stories we hold

Choreography by Warren Woo

Performed by Megan Ess at New Year Lift Off 2019 in Yaw Theatre

Videography by Warren Woo

Sense of Place

Choreography by Warren Woo

Premiered at Converge Dance Festival 2018 at Velocity Dance Center

Performed by Gaby Czarniak, Celena Dawson, Megan Ess, Laura Ketcham, Anna Moretti, and Kince de Vera

Music: 'Naqoyqatsi' by Philip Glass

carved out of wood

Choreography by Julia Burrer in collaboration with Megan Ess

Performed by Megan Ess

Videography by Julia Burrer


Choreography by Warren Woo

Performed by Kara Beadle, Katie Daughtery, Megan Ess, and Jessica Yeh

Videography by Warren Woo

This Disposable Life

Choreography by Jasmmine Ramgotra

Performed by Megan Ess, Vivien Ho, Carlyn Kane, Peter Kohring, and Angel Langley

Videography by Jeff Curtis


Choreography by Warren Woo

Performed by Sierra Burnham, Megan Ess, Jessica Huang, Angel Langley, and Anna Moretti

Lighting Design by Bryce Bartl-Gellar

Videography by Jeff Curtis

Six Dancers

Choreography by Christopher Grant-Montoya

Performed by Hilary Bowen, Megan Ess, Carly McManus, Anna Moretti, Hannah Rae, and Megan Stutesman

Videography by Jeff Curtis

one shift three

Choreography by Mackenzie Miller

Performed by Lillian Clausen, Megan Ess, Rummi Ganguly, Jessica Huang, Angel Langley, Charlotte Lee, Venise Lee, and Melissa Sugita,

Original Score "Eight" by Drew Carey

Lighting Design by Thorn Michaels

Videography by Jeff Curtis

Video Editing by Mackenzie Miller